I'm having problems logging into the TCC Chat (Mattermost)


Please check the following if you have having issues logging in.

1.  Is your TCC subscription active?  The TCC Chat is for current Mastermind Members only and you must have an active subscription.

You can check to see if your subscription is active by logging in to the members area and checking:

If you need help updating your subscription please contact

2. Did you go through the initial process to create your TCC account?  If not login to the member's area and go to CHAT & ALERTS and follow the instructions for first time use.  You will need to click the BLUE button on that page and create your initial account.

3. You will use your Mastermind Member username and password to login to chat.  If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here:

NOTE.  If you see a forgot password link on the chat login it will NOT work to reset your password.

If you are still having issues logging into the chat please email